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Internet Whisky Database
Special Introduction Offer!
The Caledonic Internet Whisky Database is still under development.
We have included most of the intended features and we are now filling the database with information. But we know that there are many whisky lovers that wants to use Caledonic.
We have reduced the our prices by 50% until our "Grand Opening", which will be on the 1st of September 2005.
Our goal is that you like what we are doing and we hope that you will return to Caledonic Internet Whisky Database.
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How do we operate and how much does it cost to access the Caledonic web pages?
Before you sign up for one of our subscription offers please read and digest the following information. We want you to understand how our web pages operate and the nature of the service we provide. We have made this as brief and as clear as possible.
We provide an extensive, comprehensive and continuously updated service for the price of a good whisky book. But it is more than just a book - no single book can possibly have so many pages or references!
With Caledonic you have an extensive and easily personalisable library of whisky reference that is accessible direct from your computer, laptop or notepad at any time, date or place in the world. A library that is always at your fingertips whenever you have access to the internet.
  • Caledonic is a subscription led service.We charge for access to our internet pages and the income we receive from the subscriptions we raise, as well as from any whisky-related items we supply, covers our costs and makes our profit.
  • Caledonic does not and will never sell, or give away, your internet details to anybody.
  • We do not sell advertising space on our pages to other companies.
  • Caledonic does not accept payments from other companies or third parties for information given on our web pages and we not do we seek such payments. Neither have we asked for or receive commissions or other payments for providing links or information to other companies or third parties. All links we give are given on a no cost or fee basis and are given purely because we feel they are of use or interest to our readers. In some cases these links are provided because of our own personal experience of the information or service provided. Where this is the case it is clearly stated.
  • However, we are not responsible for the information supplied by these links and do not recommend or endorse any offers or promotions that may be made to you on these sites. All such information is provided for the purpose of information only and any decisions made to access these links or purchase through them will be made as a basis of your own personal decision and not because Caledonic has asked or encouraged you to make such choices.
  • ... all this for the price of a good whisky book!
    Special Offer Code
    We have a simple set of access charges.
    10 days introductory offer
    A one off charge of 4.95.
    This subscription is intended to give you a comprehensive feel of our web pages and internet service. You will be able to access most features our site offers. Some features may not be fully accessible with this subscription.
    Three months access
    A one off charge of 12.95.
    This subscription gives full access to all of our services and pages.
    Six months access
    A one off charge of 19.95.
    This subscription gives full access to all of our services and pages.
    Twelve months access
    A one off charge of 29.95.
    This subscription gives full access to all of our services and pages.
    All Subscriptions give you the option to renew your subscription for a new period at expiry. However, we do not do this automatically.
    We let you decide if you want to renew.
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